Eugen Badurina (Galeria Alea Co-fundador / Co-founder)


Spanish, born in Venezuela

From Croatian father and Austrian mother, Badurina has spent his life traveling all corners of the world, being formed and inspired by different cultures. He started taking painting lessons at an early age, eventually joining in his thirties the Escola d’Art Llàcer-Sanvisens, in Barcelona, Spain.

His work on the canvas is a constant search to strip away any excess. It is a continuous change, aimed at undressing light and movement from social prejudices. His ultimate goal is to remove any ephemeral thoughts surrounding his vision, leaving a piece that speaks figuratively, clean of preconceived ideals.

+34 644 046 372

Tim Adami (Galeria Alea Co-fundador / Co-founder)

TIM ADAMI (1980)


Adami is a Belgian photographer and video artist settled in both, Barcelona and Brussels. His particular black and white technique and minimalist style reflect an inner search for visual elegance.


His work ceases to be individual to become an intimate connection between photographer and subject; a relationship that can be appreciated in his final work, the photograph itself. In this process, an inexorable exchange of emotions is created, a mutual learning of some sort between the one who sees and the one seen. It is his eye, with his innate capacity to capture the fleeting beauty, what crafts the emotions and the drama within the viewers mind.


Winner of ´Premios Lux 2015´
of best young photographer in Spain.

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